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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Up To The Minute!

I'm still chewing... this is a timely entry.

My shoulder was hurting quite a bit this morning, I'm afraid I was whinging like a little girl during breakfast, yes, that was probably the case. But, it being a Saturday, I enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast. A wonderful, hot meal! I ate it with orange juice, and three pink pills, to make my shoulder not hurt so much. Did they work? I cannot say.

For lunch, I sliced some cheddar cheese, broke off a piece of granary stick... those were the preliminaries, just so they would be ready, then I fried an egg (the last egg!) on the AGA, and when it was mostly done, I piled the cheese on top, so it would melt. Then I sliced open the bread and put the melty egg/cheese inside. But I didn't eat it right away, I didn't want such a large temperature gradient in my mouth. But then when I did eat it, it was just perfect, another successful culinary strategy!

Alright, so far, so good, but let's get to the tragic part of my eating day- dessert after lunch. Always something of a dicey proposal, dessert after lunch, but the cheese/egg sandwich left me with quite a sweet-tooth! So. My first-born got me big-ish bowl of chocolate chip ice cream... I really enjoyed it, scraped the bottom of the bowl... but then I didn't feel very well. Very full... yet full of rich, creamy goodness! A quandary, leaving my flummoxed. Full, flummoxed, and queasy, that's me, your loyal correspondent!

THANKFULLY, after awhile, M suggested we enjoy a cuppa, my choice... such a good idea! I selected that tearoom by Knaresb'ro Castle, so we jumped into the Mazda and made our way... it's called the Buttery Moat, or Muttering Boat, or Stuttering Goat, some such nonsense... I had nothing but tea, M enjoyed Cream Tea, the scone came pre-buttered, sort of their theme, everything comes pre-buttered, reminded me of that Wisconsin delicacy, the Butter Burger.

Then I felt better.

After working up an appetite in the garden, I was ready for my evening meal!

There was a nice beef roast, how is it that cows are so cotton-pickin' useful??? Golly, I don't know. Also, potato smasho, peas-wonderful-peas, and some nice raw carrots. One of which I was still chewing when I began this entry. Now M has presented me with another cuppa, I am a lucky man.

Good bye.


Blogger oldhall said...

no, I'm the lucky one...

remind me, next time I offer to make tea after 7 PM to

1. make decaff
2. make a small pot...


love, m

8/14/2005 4:43 AM  
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