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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Tuesday

Last night my throat felt... well... it didn't HURT, but it felt... constricted. I even choked once when I tried to swallow, and didn't. Do you think I ingested poison? It's slightly better today. It helped when I drank a glass of water.

After spilling a glass of water all over myself, 2004.

But that was yesterday! We mustn't dwell in the past. Unless you are an historian, then you ought to dwell in the past. Or at least think about the past. On holiday, you can think about anything you like, obviously. But, if you are an historian, and you're earning your living, "on the clock" as we call it, then you might want to consider thinking about all our yesterdays.

Today, however, was different. I don't know why.

I started with a cup of orange juice. Well. I'm getting ahead of myself- I started with a bit of toothpaste! Tom's Organic, I forget the flavour, maybe it was mink, or wintergreen leopard. As I grow older, I find it so much more satisfying to start the day with a good tooth-brushing. I distinctly remember in University waking up and drinking the rest of the grape soda I had not quite finished the night before.

My UCSB ID photo, circa 1986

But enough of that (no historian, I!), back to the orange juice. I drank it slowly, perhaps because I knew I had to go to work when it was finished. Or because the taste of peppermint puma toothpaste was still in my mouth.

When I got to work, I started eating a cut-up pineapple. It was nice. Sometimes pineapple tastes funny, almost too sweet, but this was just right.

I also ate my PB&J sandwiches, I know, I know, it sounds like a substantial portion, but the truth is- the bread was pretty small. Furthermore, I didn't eat it all at once, in fact, the foods I've already listed were also my lunch! Did that make any sense?

I also ate two pears during the day, as well as the 4th of 4 red apples I bought at Waitrose on Sunday. Now- I know what you're thinking- when will Oldhall learn his lesson, and quit buyin' the cotton pickin' red apples? Well, the joke's on YOU, SeƱor Smarty-Pants, because these red apples just happened to be totally nummers! So go soak your head!

With my parents & sisters, 1968. I'm dressed as Senor Smarty-Pants.

Mercifully, my work day came to an end. So I went home, anticipating an evening meal. "This oughtta be good!", I said to myself. The evening meal selection was- homemade pizza. Tremendous! M prepared my crust for me, lovingly starting with a doughy mass of... well... dough... and turning it into the fundemental flatness every pizza considers to be the first step of a great journey. I spread olive oil on the crust. I mixed sauce in with the oil. (Upon cooking, the olive oil soaks into the crust, keeping it from drying out, as well as providing extra flavour). I sprinkled oregano on the sauce; also my secret ingredient, anise seeds. Not too many. Fresh chopped garlic goes next. Then the cheese. A few pepperoni slices, and I'm done.

Me in my backyard, Fond du Lac, WI, circa 1975

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged, Will It Leave An Ugly Welt?

Some little-known weird things about me:

1. I like foreign movies that have neither action, nor plot

2. I used to love food additives, now I hate them.

3. Every day, I try to think about the mistakes I've made that day, and how I can avoid repeating them.

4. I like circus peanuts.

5. I prefer music when it's cacophonous.

6. I take the following pills, but not every day: B6, B12, zinc, copper.