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Monday, August 22, 2005


I have received several pointed comments, implying that the overreaching theme of my blog is somehow inappropriate... that I should discuss music, or politics, or religion. To you people, I say: you're just jealous of what I eat. So there, I said it.

After my usual morning PB&J, I learned that my GP could see me, and look at my bad shoulder immediately, so I drove to B'bridge... now, I know you're not reading this to hear what the doctor said, so let me just say that lunch was leftover BBQ. A burger (no bun), a sausage, and a mutiplicity of chicken parts. Drumsticks mostly. See, I bought this gi-normo pack o' chicken parts at M'son's, two quid for, um... about ten pieces? I really don't like supporting that sort of thing, I mean, where exactly did they have to cut corners to sell dems chickens so cheep??? The chicken or the farmer? Frightening!

So I ate them.

I ate a few plums during the afternoon, but they really aren't ripe yet. Bananas- one was already squeezed to death, so I binned it, and ate one other that was splitting open. They are ripening fast, I may have to eat the rest tomorrow.

My evening meal was nice chicken soup, onions in it, as well as rice. I expect I'll have leftovers of it tomorrow, I have to remember to microwave it for a good long time, as half-microwaved soup is not nice.

Young Ted says hello.

I also had french bread with thickly spread butter with my evening meal.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Greasy Chicken

With joy in my heart, I once again started my day with oatmeal. Yum! The real trouble, though, was my painful shoulder, especially when I first get up, and I wasn't eating at a table...

Anyhoo, the oatmeal was very nice.

As lunch approached, I was definitely feeling peckish; however, I knew it would be awhile before I could eat, since we had to go to Morrison's first. So, I found some of these funny microwave fries, there's a review that says they're awful, but I think they're quite nice. Each one is housed in it's own parallelepiped, which alone is pretty cool. I remember them from my Colorado Springs days, they must've first come out then, we had them at work in the snack area, everyone loved them.

But then everybody decides to have lunch, so- oh well, I have to eat lunch too. I had AGA-warmed, leftover pizza. Oh boy, I'm not remembering what else happened...

You know, you would think... I only have to remember THREE THINGS, breakfast, lunch, and the evening meal, and here I am struggling at lunch.

Maybe I'm thinking AFTER the Morrison's trip... anyhoo, I had Morrison's ready-meal of Chicken Tikka Masala, the UK's most popular dish. And, I must say, it was very nice.

My evening meal plan was, once again, a fried egg, with melty cheese on top, in a granary bap. Which is exactly what I did.

Now, just nibbling on watermelon (sweet, but not very juicy), and blueberries chock full of antioxidants. I suspect that's all you need to know, waddyer think?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Up To The Minute!

I'm still chewing... this is a timely entry.

My shoulder was hurting quite a bit this morning, I'm afraid I was whinging like a little girl during breakfast, yes, that was probably the case. But, it being a Saturday, I enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast. A wonderful, hot meal! I ate it with orange juice, and three pink pills, to make my shoulder not hurt so much. Did they work? I cannot say.

For lunch, I sliced some cheddar cheese, broke off a piece of granary stick... those were the preliminaries, just so they would be ready, then I fried an egg (the last egg!) on the AGA, and when it was mostly done, I piled the cheese on top, so it would melt. Then I sliced open the bread and put the melty egg/cheese inside. But I didn't eat it right away, I didn't want such a large temperature gradient in my mouth. But then when I did eat it, it was just perfect, another successful culinary strategy!

Alright, so far, so good, but let's get to the tragic part of my eating day- dessert after lunch. Always something of a dicey proposal, dessert after lunch, but the cheese/egg sandwich left me with quite a sweet-tooth! So. My first-born got me big-ish bowl of chocolate chip ice cream... I really enjoyed it, scraped the bottom of the bowl... but then I didn't feel very well. Very full... yet full of rich, creamy goodness! A quandary, leaving my flummoxed. Full, flummoxed, and queasy, that's me, your loyal correspondent!

THANKFULLY, after awhile, M suggested we enjoy a cuppa, my choice... such a good idea! I selected that tearoom by Knaresb'ro Castle, so we jumped into the Mazda and made our way... it's called the Buttery Moat, or Muttering Boat, or Stuttering Goat, some such nonsense... I had nothing but tea, M enjoyed Cream Tea, the scone came pre-buttered, sort of their theme, everything comes pre-buttered, reminded me of that Wisconsin delicacy, the Butter Burger.

Then I felt better.

After working up an appetite in the garden, I was ready for my evening meal!

There was a nice beef roast, how is it that cows are so cotton-pickin' useful??? Golly, I don't know. Also, potato smasho, peas-wonderful-peas, and some nice raw carrots. One of which I was still chewing when I began this entry. Now M has presented me with another cuppa, I am a lucky man.

Good bye.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Type Title

I had only one peanut butter & jelly today, as we ran out of bread The PB had a hard bit in it, bigger than all previous hard bits I've found in my PB, I was able to inspect it, it was black. It looked like lava.


It's not inconceivable that I would chip a tooth on this...

Perhaps I need to find alternative PB. Of course, the PB we buy is not cheap, I think it's 'free range' PB.

Also, pineapple. Very, very nice pineapple. Sweet, and of good texture.

Lunch was my 'new', 'standard' lunch, seeded baguette stuffed with aged swiss cheese. I select swiss cheese, once I discovered that it's salt content is much less than other cheeses. Why is this? Why should it be the case? I do not know.

I also ate an orange about this time. The same ones as before, very juicy, you're sure to make a mess, and *passably* sweet. There are still apples left at work, tomorrow will have to be an apple day.

My evening meal was more of the sausages from York, it's kind of funny, there are two kinds, we always get the two kinds, but then we never know which is which. "Here eat another sausage, no I don't know what kind it is"

Ha ha ha ha hha hahhahah hah a

Anyway, along with the sausages was, um, mashed potatoes (in Espanol: el potato smasho), and peas. Ah, peas.

Now, after dinner, all control is lost, I eat Green & Black choco squares, plus some Teddy cookies, eat, eat, eat, Life's Been Good To Me So Far

Tomorrow is Friday, gym day, hopefully my shoulder won't be a bother

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Smallest Thoughts

First, I ate two sesame bagels, blackberries, and an orange. The bagels were not warm, I had to dig way in the back of the shelf to get them. The orange was very juicy, but not very sweet.

Then, on the Morrisons, I spent nearly fifty pounds (on WHAT?), and a late lunch of two sandwiches, on a granary stick, of freerange turkey from the deli, mature cheddar, and lettuce on the first one, but not on the second. I was too lazy to tear some off for the second. Also, four stalks of celery, with peanut butter. To drink, I had the new Morrison's 'Best' lemonade, lemonade for adults, or so she claimed when I bought it. It was quite good.

But I know how much sugar was in it... and the real tragedy is it was 'but-one-get-one-free', so I actually have twice as much of a bad thing.

Dinner... hmmm... not so sure... oh, this really doesn't count, but our neighbor Helen brought over some pastries, I ate a bunch of them. Trans fats? Yeah, probably.

For tomorrow I have some fruit to take to work.