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Monday, October 31, 2005

I'll Try Again

But if Firefox freezes again... I may take a blog-respite. My time is worthless, but it's a question of pride, I think.

I awoke to the time change this morning, and the +/- 1 hour was very confusing, in my freshly-awoken state. I finally decided that it mattered not a jot, because I was awake... the number of hours slept wasn't going to change, it was, what it was. This is exactly the kind of 'letting go' upon which we should all try to focus.

My breakfast oatmeal was typically exquisite... with raisins and ibuprofin, I was set for the morning.

Lunchtime was something special. Our friend Air On planned to visit us, and share a mid-day meal with the family. Then, he & I would watch Hill Street Blues, and solve the problems of the world during the commercial breaks. And so it was!

Lasagna was the entree. Also featuring- carrots, sliced, cold, nice. There may have beem tomatos as well, but my tomato filter was firmly in place, and was not breeched. Also, garlic bread, or bread of the garlic, as we call it. I had two helpings, it was very nice, the top lasagna sheet was a bit crispy, it's nice like that.

Such a sunstantial lunch obviates the need for much of an evening meal, but I finally found myself a bit hungry, thankfully M made her Famous New Potatoes With Onion and Cheese.

Our doorbell keeps ringin', children hankerin' for a sweet...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Never Wrote A Song Called "After Midnight"

I just lost an hour of writing due to Firefox crashing.

Now I'm cross.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Of My Nothing To Say

Yup, sitting here day after day, I don't have much to write... complementing that, however, is the fact that I don't have much to do, so I sit here and type... about not... very... much.

I finally lost consciousness last night after 1AM, and then woke up for my 'morning' at 5AM... sigh. My shoulder was achey, so I forced down three 'profins, with a bowl of M&S cereal, it looks like this, except instead of 'triple chocolate', it's strawberry, with loads of dehydrated strawbs mixed in.

It didn't take me long to realise that my sleep cycle was not complete, so I climbed back into my comfy chair and set the controls for the heart of the sun, or dreamland, whichever comes first, and I pretty much fell right back asleep.

I'm not sure when I woke up, maybe 9AM, and I felt pretty rested, and pretty happy that I'd swallowed those pills earlier. M was kind enough to prepare for me some apple slices, and pear slices as well.

Today was the day M took the kids to see the new Wallace & Gromit blockbuster, except that T stayed home with me. I can't say I made the most of my time, because, as long as I'm home with my malady, the name of the game is really- KILLING TIME. So, I gradually got around to taking my bath, and timed the end of my bath with the start of the two episodes of Hill Street Blues that are shown daily on the new E4-related channel. I enjoyed these, as much (nearly) as I enjoyed watching them the first time around, when we all went over to Curtis' house every Thursday (I think it was Thursday) night.

T was kind enough to make me lunch at this point, I think I was supposed to have leftover stew, but instead, I selected a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Yum! The only thing was- the bread wasn't sliced, and I needed to select which jam, and I wanted to make sure it was made with the organic peanut butter, not the corporate peanut butter.


I sliced the bread, put it in the toaster (HOT peanut butter & jelly, food of the GODS), and arranged the PB, and the jam, and my big helper T did the rest for me.

After the family returned home, the evening meal was foremost on everyone's mind. You see, we were excited because we'd planned to get some takeaway Indian food. As long as one doesn't do this too often, it's a thrilling prospect, chock-full of both delicate and brutal spices.

It was a spectacular meal... life is good... if only my vertebrae weren't hammering my nerve continuously, things would be perfect. Surgery scheduled for November 8th... the day after my birthday...

Good bye

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Type {Title} Here!

When I get up in the morning these days, struggling to my feet from a restless night on the blue recliner, I'm in one of two states:

a) I just want to climb straight into the bathtub, and stay there a good long time


b) Consume a bowl of cereal, either hot or cold, with chunks of ibuprofin sprinkled on top

This morning was state "b)". Thanks to M, the cereal was hot. I try not to think of myself as finicky, but I recently requested we move away from the hot cereal with the peanuts in it. It was a pleasant deviation at first (oooh! peanuts!), but the novelty wore off, and pretty soon the peanuts kind of made me gag. So, this morning was peanut-less oatmeal... accompanied by plenty of ibuprofin.

Lunch was pasta (or "noodles", to you Wisconsinite readers) with olive oil and some grated hard cheese. Also, there were two Morrison's pizza breads, which are simply thin crispy bases with a bit of sauce & spices on top.

Dinner was soup, that had, um, brewed all afternoon, no, that isn't the write wurd, er, I mean, what the heck does soup do? Does it simply COOK? I find that hard to swallow.

Ha ha ha ha hahh a

Anyway, the soup had beef, celery, potatoes... onions, maybe? It was nice. I put these little trans-fat-free crackers in it, and we had Cuban bread from the day before, upon which butter was very thickly spread. Plus a handful of ibuprofin, let's not forget about that.

Now, all I can think about is ice cream.

Or... y'know, I bought this sticky chocolate sponge thing at the store... it is unbelievable, I've had it before.

My surgery is scheduled for November 8th. On that day, a man I barely know will cut me open, and who knows what will come next. I suppose one could say I'll be at his mercy, no?

Good bye.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Started the day with oatmeal. It was perfect, I enjoyed orange juice with it.

Lunch was (for the 2nd straight day) (!) a Bubba Burger. They're just so easy to make, and so delicious. You're not supposed to do anything, don't add anything, don't squeeze 'em, just flip it once and be done. Well. I do add cheese.

I had some Waitrose ice cream after lunch, strawberry, boy, it's so nice.

Dinner was a ham roast. It was rather salty. But, there was also mac 'n' cheese, the good stuff, not corporate mac 'n' cheese. Plus, corn. The M&S frozen corn is so nice and sweet... I enjoy mixing it with other starchy products.

I hope I have my surgery soon. They're going to slice open my neck, how many people can say that?

Good bye

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And now for something completely different

In an effort to avoid repeating myself repeating myself repeating myself, I'm going to document here my MRI news... (I'm sorry, I'd much rather write about what I've eaten, next time for sure)

It was absolute torture. As you may or may not know, my nerve/disc/vertebrae problem manifests itself such that... I can't lie down. Without painful nerve-pinching. Sharp, shooting pains down my arm, until it goes numb. So... guess what you have to do to get an MRI??? Yup, lie down.

When I tried it Saturday, I failed, I was only able to make it through one scan (not enough!) before I gave up... so, today was attempt number two, under threat of... sedatives. Now, I certainly don't want that, it's like- "behave yourself, or we'll sedate you", yeah, with a big club, right?

So, today I was certainly intent on giving it my best shot... and, it worked, I lay there long enough, and still enough, that they were able to get good images.

But... what torture! I had to lie there for (M estimated) at least 40 minutes... now, after about 4 minutes my arm goes numb, it turns out if I keep going... the pain comes back, radiating through my shoulder into my arm. Then goes numb again. Cycles back and forth... pain... numbness... etc. It was supposed to be 4 scans... but after 4 scans, they said, oh- we need to re-do two of 'em, plus, I think there was an extra after that

So imagine, if you will, the worst pain you've ever felt, but you can't move, if you do move, you have to start over, and if you fail for long enough, you get sedated... like that Star Trek episode with the crazy doctor that comes on board and McCoy threatens to tranquilise him if he can't behave... that was me...

Friday I meet with the neurosurgeon to see what happens next.

Kirk: What did you say your name was?
Van Gelder: My name? My name is....(winces in pain)....Simon...Van Gelder....I was...the director...of the...Tantalus Colony...I was assistant knew. I knew, but...they've erased it.
McCoy: Erased?
Van Gelder: Edited...adjusted...subverted me. BUT I WON'T FORGET! I WON'T FORGET! (To Kirk) You're so blind ignorant! You believe I belong back there, don't you? Dead or alive! WELL I WON'T LET YOU TAKE ME BACK THERE! I'M NOT GOING! I'LL DIE FIRST! (McCoy administers sedative) NO! NO! No! (Van Gelder passes out)

Monday, October 10, 2005


This is an emergency Blog update:

I have just learned that super-sweet frozen corn and (that yellow-ish) pilau rice DO NOT go together. In my life, I have enjoyed corn with rice, mixed together into a heap of starchy goodness, many times. I suppose... all of this is my fault- assuming that any variety of rice would be alright, with any corn, but this is simply not the case.

Reminds me of the time I got LEMON rice to go with my curry takeaway... another match made in hades, I'm afraid.

Your correspondent,
over and out.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It feels later than it is

Being stuck at home, I'm somewhat restricted, when mealtime comes. Breakfast was hot cereal, as it often is, when I'm at home. By the time lunch rolled around, the family had gone off to run errands, so... what am I to do? A quick search through the freezer revealed two boxes of the individually-wrapped microwave french fries. Score! Jackpot! I ate them.

Then, to reward myself, chocolate chip ice cream. Now, if I'd really been on the ball, I'd have taken a nap afterwards, but no, I didn't.

I then spent much of the afternoon surfing other blogs, and leaving obnoxious comments.

By the time the family returned home, it was time to the about the evening meal... Thai takeaway from Green Hammerton. Woo-hoo! I love that stuff. Number seventy-five with chicken.

Then I had more ice cream. It's alomost gone, get that temptation out of the house!