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Friday, December 29, 2006

Onkel Josef

There's an old Ukrainian saying: "Only a fool posts a picture of Joe Stalin at the top of his blog, without an accompanying new blog entry". So be it. Let the lips of every man sing, "Oldhall is a traditionalist, after all"

But none of that really matters, if you're just wondering what I ate yesterday. I say "yesterday" not to fool you into thinking there's anything secretive about what I've eaten today, or even because love was an easier game to play then, no, rather I describe yesterdays activities because it's early morning, I just woke up. Well. I say 'early', but it isn't really so early... but I did just wake up.

Just to confuse you, I'll tell you what I ate in reverse chronological order! Fasten your seatbelts, put on your magic decoder rings!

Late last night I had a bowl of Crispy Rice with milk. I didn't notice if they were name-brand crispies or those do-it-yourself jobs, you know, where you grow rice in the morning in your bath tub, harvest it in the afternoon, dry the actual rice pods in the hot late-afternoon sun, until they're all puffy, and ready to eat by evening. That may have been the case, I just don't remember.

My actual evening meal was pasta, stout round tubes of pasta (I don't know what they're called) with a sausage-enhanced red sauce. Although this meal is what we like to call "leftovers", it was still yummy. The sausage was in big chunks, so that IPM can avoid them... she doesn't like sausage. This may seem strange to you, but think of it this way (as a sort of 'mental crutch'): the way you and I feel about mushrooms, or some other Satan-spawned so-called food, she feels about sausage. I think it's important to try to understand the perspective of others.

Here I am Trying to Understand the Perspective of Others

I was supposed to eat that pasta dish for lunch, but instead I bought two sticks of bread in the morning, and ate those. It's possible that I skipped breakfast.