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Saturday, May 20, 2006


The last thing I want to do is turn this blog into an advert for some corporate omnivore, but having said that, "last" is a pretty serious word, and although I don't aspire to a title change such as "Budweiser's Prawn Hats", there are probably things I'd like even less. Drowning in boiling pickle juice whilst Billy Joel sniggers at my misfortune is the best I can think of, on this short notice.

But that's not what I want to tell you about.

I want to tell you about how much I enjoy some Marks and Spencer groceries. For example, fresh peas. Grown and picked in Kenya. Altho'... I do take exception to two untruths on the packaging:

Untruth #1: It says you should cook them. This is an awful lot of work, and changes the taste. Alright, fine, sometimes you want hot, cooked peas, but sometimes you want cold, crunchy peas that speak volumes regarding what it's like to grow up in Wisconsin in the early 70s.

No, really! Try it and you'll see.

Untruth #2: It says you should wash them. Again, you could do this, I'm not saying you ought not, but if you do your peas will taste just the water you used. The delicate balance of taste, aroma, and overall feel is- changed. Perhaps if there was an easy way to wash and dry, it might be different. See, I'm very open-minded.

I once told my friend Dick about how much I enjoyed my fresh Kenyan M&S peas, you see the reason I told him this, and the reason I'm now telling YOU this, is that Dick often travels to Kenya. He knows people who find seasonal work in Kenya shelling peas. Or picking them, or something. He KNOWS these people. So- I told Dick this so that he could thank his Kenyan friends, on my behalf, for their hard work in the field of peas (that's a pun, get it, field of peas?), and I also mentioned that I rarely-if-ever, wash them. Dick wrinkled his nose and furrowed his brow, "you REALLY ought to wash them. I mean- please. Please wash them." So I did, but I haven't done so since.

I was going to tell you about other M&S culinary delights, but I'm ready to get up and walk away now. See, I've not even made any hyperlinks. Maybe later.
Peas, M&S The Best Ever Mashed Potatoes, and Marc Bolan

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A New 'Low' In Creativity

I find it funny when people say their blog is "under construction". Does this imply that someday it'll be "done"?


Sunday, May 07, 2006


I finished watching La Belle Noiseuse today. I've had it on VHS for years, but this was watching it on my new 2-DVD set... it was good. After I watch it, I think in terms of "art" for awhile.

Watch it, if you have a chance.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Personal Scrabble Best?

I just finished a Scrabble game with J, and I have to tell you... sometimes you really get the letters! I was never stuck with crummy letters, not once, I was even able to use all my letters in one go, accumulating an extra 50 points right there. (The word was "mandrill").

No one ever had an available "n" to make "unfaze" and "no"

My final total- 427 points. This isn't the sort of thing I keep track of, but I imagine this was a personal best.

And now, for no reason, a picture of the kids in 1994...