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Friday, September 30, 2005


It being Friday, I had my normal Friday 9AM meeting. Such a hardship! Such a burden! 9AM, are you KIDDING? Bah!

So, it was 10AM before I had a chance to start my day, er, I mean start my sandwich, as if I could tell the difference between a sandwich and a day. My bread lasted all week, because the Kosherie was 'all out' of the small loaves of granary last Sunday, so I bought the big loaf, which retails for more than a pound (picture: silver-haired Bob Barker "manufactureres suggested retail price of.... one pound and eighteen pence! Fiona you're the next contestent...")

I enjoyed my sandwiches, oh wait, I was going to say- I usually buy the smaller loaf, but then I run out of bread by Wednesday or Thursday, so now I complain that I had to buy the big loaf, and it lasts the whole week. What is my problem? Another example of my close-mindedness biting me on the nose.

I brought to work a second bunch of bananas this week, that's new, I usually bring in the one bunch, but I finished them early this time, so it was a two bunch week. But then, I only ate one from the second bunch.

Lunch was some leftover Irish cheese, which I like because of the salty crunchy granuals that always form on the surface, the packaging says they're lactose crystals or some such nonsense, I think they bits of crunchy delight! But then I started to worry if I was eating too much cheese, that I might have a problem later, if you know what I mean and I think you do, so it was with great pleasure that I found... carrot sticks in my lunch bag! Woo-hoo!

I also enjoyed three gala apples from M&S, especially enjoyable because of their organicness.

Dinner was leftover lasagna... I enjoyed it... then chocolate chimp ice cream.

I can't think of anything else to write, I guess I'm boring tonight.

Good bye.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Keepin' On Chewin', Yeah!

The morning's PB&J was really welcome, as for some reason I was extra hungry this morning. I had to purposefully take a break between PB&J#1 and PB&J#2. The fruit for the day was bananas and oranges, I have some plums still, but they aren't good, they're rather mealy, and dry. Perhaps the season is now past. If I live long enough, I may start to recognise the comings and goings of the fruit seasons... a bit of chasing the wind, that, as I don't plan to pass the information on to future generations, yes, it will go with me to the grave.

The bananas were good, I had two or three. The oranges were alright, except that the carpel separation was too robust.

Lunch was leftover BBQ, a hot dog, and some steak, plus leftover mac 'n' cheese, you know, the GOOD stuff, with emmental cheese, onions, breadcrumbs...

Dinner was Indian takeaway, you know... it had definitely been too long since we've enjoyed a nice curry takeaway, and this one definitely hit the spot... Chicken Tikka Madras... like, WOW, dude.

My afterwards guilty pleasure was nothing more than a fruited scone with jam and cream, as Lou Reed once said, "I ain't no snob, man"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mmmm-mmm, fruity

Since I went to work early yesterday, I didn't take my fruit-for-the-week with me. Today, however, I did bring my fruit to work. As you can guess, it proved to be a high-light, of sorts.

I started the day with a single PB&J, for two reasons:

1) I had so much fruit to eat.


2) When I bought the bread at Morrison's, they didn't have any of the already-sliced stuff, so I asked (as one does) for them to please slice it for me, so the young kid working there went to 'go ask', and, as it turns out, their bread-slicin' machine had a fault. Not operational. So, what I'm trying to tell you is, the slicer was broken (can you dig it?), so the bread is "un-sliced", if you will. So now, what we're facing, is bread slicin' first thing in the morning, at the crack of dawn, as it were. Stay with me now- and, what do you get, when you have bread slicin' first thing in the morning??? Hmmm? I'll tell yer what yer get, yer get thickly sliced bread, that's what. Obviously, two of 'em would've been too much. Plus all the fruit, but we've already covered that.

Driving to work, I ate the golden coloured plums, succulent indeed. Then when no one was looking, I'd fling the pit out the car window, but the funny thing about those plums, if you touch the pit it really leaves some goopy mess on your fingers, so, not meaning to be convoluted here, each time I'd fling a pit out the window, I had to wipe my fingers on my trousers... black 501s, so would the plum goop leave some weird, embarassing residue on the jeans? Surely I don't know, but I did worry about it, I really did... until I came across a traffic accident on the Ripon Road, the poor lady was was still stuck in her car, ambulances racing to the scene, blue collar-types in their Transit vans looking annoyed at the delay, yet simultaneously bored, non-chalant, and the poor lady pinned in her smashed up car, is she even still alive as I type these words?

Lunch was two leftovers, at once. Leftover sausages with el potato smasho, and leftover ham steak. Pork-heavy, to be sure!

In mid-afternoon, I helped myself to two handfuls of communal doritos... they were, obviously, delicious, but the rest of my day was laced with MSG-induced sickness. Cotton-pickin' poisoning...

So I went home, end of the work-day, and so forth... felt poisoned. Sluggish, cross, apathetic.

Dinner was home-made pizza, mine was just onions & garlic, I think... It was good, and I supposed helped me through my MSG stupor.

Oh yes, I've also consumed two Klondike bars this evening, they're insidious, Darth Insidious.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bub bub bub bub bub bub

I can still taste the chocolate in my mouth... I do enjoy those Rittersport squares, I like that they are really too big to consume all at once, I mean, not that you COULDN'T, but it would be excessive. I enjoy the variety with the biscuit inside... one-or-more of my kids once got me a Rittersport variety pack for Christmas, and that was fine, except that pretty soon all that was left was the weird flavours, that nobody likes.

I started my day with the usual PB&J, still on that loaf of brown bread... however, I reckon it's about finished by now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Lunch was leftover BBQ, hamburger and a hot dog. But then, right before they closed, I popped over to the cafeteria for mashed potatoes & corn. Even with the recent obscene price increases at the cafeteria, mashed potatoes & corn are still just $1 each. Now that's what I call small potatoes, ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah

I also ate, at various times today, a multiplicity of purple plums; they are a bit soft, and if you aren't careful you wind up with plum juice running down your beard, er, chin, whatever.

I may have eaten at apple today as well, but don't hold me to it.

Dinner was some very nice spaghetti in meat sauce, with home-made bread... yes, I do>

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not Much

It's late, so I'll try to be brief.

You know those Kashi cereals, they always seem to have middle aged women on the front, smiling? Or is it just me, and they're not like that?

Anyhoo, I bought a box of that stuff, a type I'd not seen before, it said 'honey' all over it, and I thought- OOOH! Anti-oxidants! Scrummy! So then M tries it, says- oh, I don't really like it, but YOU'LL like it... so I tried it, and, sure enough, they're Sugar Smacks. I ain't kiddin' 'round here, folks, I'm talkin' "The Sugar Bear".

I just ate some. My evening snack. Mmmmm-mmm

I started the day with PB&J, on brown bread, because the kosherie was all out of granary when I went there (sigh, why is life so HARD sometimes, sheesh). I had quite a bit of fruit left at my desk, I can only approximate... 2 oranges, 2 nectarines.. oh, but most notably... BANANAS! Yes, they were, quite suddenly, RIPE this morning. So I ate, I don't know, 5 of 'em?

Now, lunch was supposed to be- leftover beef roast, and a couple of spuds. However, I never quite got 'round to those, BUT I did go near a vending machine, so instead of the leftovers I had... a king-size Snickers. My friend Dean witnessed my crime.

Dinner was yummy BBQ, I had a cheeseburger, two burned hot dogs, baked chips... uh, I guess that was it. I reads worse than it actually was- no, REALLY! so I rewarded myself with chocolate chimp ice cream, for dessert. I can't complain, life's been good to me so far, dig?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mid-Day Update

This is important, because it's new, it's a first... I've not previously made a midday entry. As you might expect, I've not eaten much today...

M & I want for a long walk this morning, and I didn't want to eat before that, but I didn't want to walk without warming up my shoulder in the tub first, so I did that, took a bath. Then we walked.

So. Upon our return home, oatmeal, orange juice & three ibuprofin.

We're going to drive 'west' today, and see what we find.